CAIMS 2018 bannerThe Annual Meeting  of the Canadian Society of Applied and Industrial Mathematics (CAIMS 2018) will take place from June 4 to 7, 2018 at Ryerson University in Toronto, ONT

Scientific Themes

    • Computational Mathematics and Applications   K. Rohlf

    • Mathematics of Disease and Ecology  J. Heffernan, R. Tyson, K. Wilkie, E. Foxall

    • Canadian Symposium on Fluid Dynamics joint meeting with CAIMS
      J.P. Pascal, K. Rohlf, N. Kevlahan

    • Financial Mathematics   M. Davison, F. Xanthos

  • Discrete Optimization and Applications   K. Georgiou

Local Organizers:
D. Delic, K. Georgiou, J.P. Pascal ,K. Rohlf, K. Wilkie, F. Xanthos
Contact: ddelic@ryerson.ca

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Scientific programme of conference begins
Mon Jun 4 at 8:30AM and ends Thurs Jun 7 at 12:45PM) (or whatever times are currently planned).

Note that these schedules are tentative and subject to change without notice.
CAIMS Schedule 2018
Daily Schedule of Talks